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Bitloks the mad Aussie bastard!

I do a lot, quite a lot. I encode, I'm writing several books, I do web design, build servers, mess about, ride roller coasters, watch movies on my home cinema, drive fast, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of deep fried food, hardly exercise and still not gain weight.
Some say I'm lucky others just say "Fuck Off Arsehole". I don't care what you say or think of me, it makes no diff' in the long run.
Life Sucks and then you die. If you're lucky it happens sooner rather than later!
I was taking a piss the other day.........., there I was standing at the bowl the o'l one eyed, blue veined, junket pumper in my right hand and I looked down as I was shaking it off and I thought....... you know I'm sure I use to do more than just piss with this thing! But I couldn't remember what it was so I moved on to plotting the downfall of some minor European country, France if I recall correctly.

Some of the shit I like to watch on my home cinema includes:
More Specifically:
Doctor Who - old and newRonin
ElementaryAll Studio Ghibli
Fringe - EndedBraveheart
FireflyTouching the Void
Game of ThronesAll Star Trek
GrimmAll Die Hards
Mad MenA Knights Tale
Monk - EndedLock Stock and two Smoking Barrels
Person of InterestAmelie
SherlockFrom Dusk till Dawn
Silent WitnessCube Trilogy
Spooks - EndedThe Thing (both)
X-Files - EndedGinger Snaps Trilogy
VikingsAmerican Mary
How hot is Katharine Isabelle ! wow
Katharine Isabelle

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